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Vein Evaluation

Free Vein Screening or Comprehensive Vein Evaluation Overview

All new patients at Hogue Vein Institute with vein concerns receive either a FREE Vein Screening or a Comprehensive Vein Evaluation (submitted to insurance). A FREE Vein Screening is not submitted to insurance. A Comprehensive Vein Evaluation includes a venous duplex ultrasound study of the leg veins performed by an ARDMS certified Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT). The decision of whether to start with a FREE Vein Screening or a Comprehensive Vein Evaluation depends on whether or not signs and symptoms of varicose veins exist to warrant medical evaluation of an underlying vein condition. Importantly, a Comprehensive Vein Evaluation is required at Hogue Vein Institute before delivery of any therapeutic vein care treatment. A FREE Vein Screening (or a Comprehensive Vein Evaluation) is required at Hogue Vein Institute before a cosmetic leg vein treatments is performed.

Insurance Coverage

Private insurance and Medicare may provide coverage benefits for evaluation and treatment of a vein condition that is deemed medically necessary. At Hogue Vein, we consider vein treatments of a medical vein condition to be therapeutic vein care. It is necessary for the patient to meet the medical coverage criteria set forth in their insurance company’s ‘Vein Treatment Policy’ and in accordance with the benefits specified in the insurer’s ‘Summary Plan Document’.

Our experienced team members at Hogue Vein Institute will assist with submission of the required documentation to the insurer for determining insurance coverage for proposed therapeutic vein treatments.

Sometimes the result of a vein evaluation finds that a medical condition does not exist based on the insured’s ‘Vein Treatment Policy’ for the presenting vein complaint. In this case, any vein treatments done for therapeutic reasons may be deemed elective or cosmetic by the insurer, without any insurance coverage benefits for treatment. Payment for an elective or cosmetic vein treatment, or therapeutic vein treatment without coverage benefits, becomes exclusively the patient’s responsibility.

Vein Evaluation in Less than an Hour

The Vein Evaluation performed at Hogue Vein Institute is non-invasive, not painful, and usually takes less than an hour to perform. Our vein evaluations, whether a FREE Vein Screening or a Comprehensive Vein Evaluation (submitted to insurance) are essential to determining the full extent of any underlying vein condition and to establish whether the condition is medical, cosmetic, or both.

Questions answered with a FREE Vein Screening

  • Is there a medical vein condition present, despite cosmetic-only vein concerns?
  • Do incompetent or malfunctioning vein valves exist within the leg veins?
  • Is the patient’s desire for cosmetic vein care medically-advisable?

Questions Answered with a Comprehensive Vein Evaluation

  • Leg Vein AnatomyDoes a medical condition exist for the patient’s presenting vein concern?
  • What is the extent of the underlying vein condition?
  • Are there any blood clots present within the leg veins?
  • Do refluxing or incompetent vein valves exist within the leg veins?
  • Are dilated, enlarged or tortuous varicose veins present in the legs?
  • Are there any vein issues originating from a pelvic or non-saphenous leg vein source?
  • What is the current status of the leg veins if prior vein treatments were done?
  • Is there any evidence of vein treatment failure or reoccurrence of a medical vein condition?

During a Comprehensive Vein Evaluation, a complete leg vein mapping is performed using a state-of-the-art diagnostic ultrasound system to evaluate the leg veins, including the superficial veins, pertinent perforator veins, and deep veins, to determine which veins are normal, and which are abnormal.

Arguably, the most important first step in professional vein care, before any vein treatment is done, is to make an accurate initial diagnosis of the underlying vein condition. This gives the customized vein treatment plan the optimal chance for success.

Get the most thorough evaluation and accurate diagnosis with a Comprehensive Vein Evaluation. The vein specialists at Hogue Vein are among the most experienced and most credentialed in the country.

Take the first step to improving your vein health! Schedule an appointment today at one of our conveniently located Hogue Vein clinics in Minnesota.

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