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More Affordable Vein Care

Hogue Vein Institute realizes there are multiple FDA-cleared technologies and modalities available to providers for treating symptomatic varicose veins and superficial venous disease. Payable benefits and allowable amounts by Medicare and private insurers can vary drastically for the CPT procedure codes. While Hogue Vein Institute follows best practice guidelines for superficial venous disease, it is committed to a cost containment strategy and vein procedure selection process which provides better value for its patients.

This means that Hogue Vein Institute is a lower-cost provider that will select the lower-cost vein procedures over higher-cost vein procedures when the lower-cost choice provides equivalent evidence-based results. In so doing, Hogue Vein promotes price transparency and patient awareness.

While many providers in the vein care industry are intent on selecting vein procedures that maximize their company’s revenues and profits over delivery of more affordable vein care, Hogue Vein Institute chooses to be a reformer in this fee-for-service marketplace.

Since 2004, Hogue Vein Institute has been the Regional Leader in Vein Care for Minnesota and surrounding communities, consistently achieving world-class results for its patients, while also delivering more affordable vein care.


How does Hogue Vein Institute accomplish the delivery of more affordable vein care for its patients?


  • Hogue Vein Institute believes that it is incumbent for its providers to responsibly select and deliver vein care for its patients in the most effective, least expensive manner, whenever possible.


  • Hogue Vein Institute provides a FREE Vein Screen for individuals that are unsure if they have an underlying medical vein condition. The potential savings for a patient is several hundred dollars by avoiding an unnecessary vein mapping procedure that would be submitted to insurance for payment.


  • Hogue Vein Institute uses the lower-cost endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) procedure over the higher-cost radiofrequency ablation (RF) procedure when treating symptomatic varicose veins. The potential savings for a patient is several hundred dollars per endovenous thermal ablation procedure.


  • Hogue Vein Institute performs multiple EVLA procedures on a single leg on the same day, when clinically indicated, rather than performing a single EVLA procedure multiple times on separate days. The potential savings for a patient is several hundred dollars per EVLA procedure.


  • Hogue Vein Institute avoids higher-cost vein procedures (i.e. the new and expensive ones) that have not been shown to be more effective than proven, lower-cost vein procedures. The potential savings for the patient is several hundred dollars, to more than a thousand dollars, per procedure.


  • Hogue Vein Institute uses lower-cost physician-compounded foam (PCF) for sclerotherapy when treating symptomatic saphenous veins and/or tributary veins and/or reticular veins over higher-cost commercial “foam in a can” sclerosant. The potential savings for the patient is several hundred dollars, to a few thousand dollars, per procedure.


  • Hogue Vein Institute uses the lower-cost outpatient private clinic setting with lower-cost awake local anesthesia if needed to perform vein treatment procedures, rather than the higher-cost ambulatory surgery or hospital setting where higher-cost IV conscious sedation or regional anesthesia or general anesthesia is performed. The potential savings for the patient is hundreds of dollars, to perhaps even tens of thousands of dollars, per procedure.


Choose Hogue Vein, the Regional Leader in Vein Care

If you are interested in choosing a vein care provider that is committed to world-class results, an advocate for price transparency and patient awareness, fee-for-service reform, and fully committed to providing “more affordable vein care”, then choose Hogue Vein Institute for your professional vein care needs.

Hogue Vein can possibly save you hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars for each billable vein procedure that is performed on you to treat therapeutic varicose veins and/or cosmetic spider veins.

Call Hogue Vein today. 763-447-2500 or Toll Free 866-219-4699.

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