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Endovenous Laser Ablation

Endovenous Laser Ablation Overview

Endovenous Laser Ablation EVLA graphicEndovenous laser ablation (EVLA) is a minimally-invasive procedure for treating varicose veins that delivers laser energy directly inside the vein. The laser energy is delivered through a tiny optical fiber which heats up the inside vein wall of the targeted vein segment, which causes the vein to shrink, collapse and seal shut. Tumescent local anesthesia is used to provide a painless experience during the laser procedure. The EVLA procedure is performed in 30 minutes or less in a comfortable, office-based setting. Patients are able to drive themselves home afterwards, and may resume their normal activities immediately.

Safety and Effectiveness

Laser technology has been proven to be safe and effective after years of use by laser surgeons for the EVLA procedure. With tens of thousands of successful EVLA procedures performed at Hogue Vein since 2004, we believe Hogue Vein Institute is the best choice for professional vein care across Minnesota to serve the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area (Twin Cities), Fargo-Moorhead Metro Area, rural Minnesota, and neighboring communities in Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Canada. Not all vein clinics are the same. Experience and expertise does matter!


Hogue Surgical EndlessfiberAt Hogue Vein Institute, the FDA-cleared EndlessFiber® is used to perform an endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) procedure. Invented and patented by Dr. Hogue, manufactured by Hogue Surgical LLC, the EndlessFiber® is a revolutionary medical device of premium quality. Precision mechanical cleaves on the proximal and distal fiber end faces allows for laser energy to be delivered uniformly within the targeted vein segment without excess build-up of char or carbon on the distal fiber tip, which is commonly experienced with traditional surgical laser fibers that are polished rather than precision cleaved. As an experienced board-certified laser surgeon, Dr. Hogue believes the EndlessFiber® is the best choice for laser surgery procedures where uniform thermal ablation is desired without extreme heating and carbonization. During an EVLA procedure, laser surgeons using an EndlessFiber® (when compared with a traditional fiber having polished fend facesfaces) have experienced less friction and “tissue sticking” during manual pull-back of the fiber.

Ideal Candidates for EVLA

All therapeutic vein treatments at Hogue Vein Institute require a Comprehensive Vein Evaluation to be done beforehand. This allows our vein specialists to make an accurate diagnosis of the underlying vein condition and to determine the most appropriate vein treatment strategy.

EVLA is generally used to treat symptomatic varicose veins in the legs. Vein specialists at Hogue Vein Institute always evaluate each patient individually to determine what the best treatment options are.

If you are having signs or symptoms of varicose veins, or if you have had previous therapeutic vein treatment done elsewhere, we encourage you to call us to schedule an initial Comprehensive Vein Evaluation.

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