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Reparative Treatments

Regenerative medicine treatments at HOGUE CLINICS focuses on using autologous and/or allogeneic harvested native biologic agents to regenerate affected degenerative cells and tissues to promote the body’s natural ability for repair, replacement, regeneration, anti-aging, and vitality.

Regenerative Medicine Overview

RBC PlateletRegenerative medicine treatments offered at HOGUE CLINICS include autologous (patient-derived) platelet-rich plasma (PRP), lipoaspirate (LA), micro-fragmented lipoaspirate (MLA), and cytokines & growth factors. These biologic agents are injected into the body at targeted locations to initiate the natural process of cell and tissue rejuvenation and regeneration.


At HOGUE CLINICS, areas in need of healing or rejuvenation are injected with biologic agents, depending on patient preference, physician recommendation, and the extent and repair needs of the underlying degenerative condition. Small needles are used to inject these biologic agents into degenerative or injured areas where the regenerative capacities have become exhausted, depleted, or simply no longer available due to the effects of aging.

Treatment Areas

Mesenchymal stem cells areasFor degenerative skin, soft tissue, and musculoskeletal conditions, HOGUE CLINICS is one of only a few clinics in Minnesota to offer biologic agent regenerative medicine treatments to promote pain relief and healing of degenerative conditions. Another treatment area focus is the overall well-being, anti-aging and vitality boost of the entire human being. Since May of 2011, regenerative medicine specialist, Dr. Hogue, has used biologic agents at HOGUE CLINICS to relieve pain, promote anti-aging and vitality, and to improve the lives of his patients.

Good Candidates

While autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and/or autologous lipoaspirate has been used for decades for aesthetic and regenerative purposes, the clinical applications for these biologic agents are rapidly expanding. Current research suggests that both PRP and micro-fragmented lipoaspirate (MLA) or micro-fragmented tissue aspirate (MTA) improves the painful symptoms associated with chronic orthopedic conditions such as osteoarthritis and tendinitis, and delivers faster recovery of tendon and ligament injuries, with no adverse reactions. PRP and lipoaspirate treatments at HOGUE CLINICS are for suitable candidates only, those which are cancer-free for at least 5 years, are not on permanent blood thinners, and are in reasonably good health.

Regenerative medicine treatments with PRP, lipoaspirate, or MSC exosomes are presently not a covered benefit of Medicare or private insurance.

Free Consultation

Our regenerative medicine specialist, Dr. Roger Hogue, provides a complimentary consult for each patient to establish if they are a good candidate for an autologous bio-cellular treatment with FAC and/or PRP based on selection criteria, clinical indication, and desired treatment results.

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