Regenerative Procedures

Consultations offered at our eight convenient locations in Burnsville, Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, Mankato, Maple Grove, Medina, Moorhead and Woodbury

Regenerative Medicine focuses on harnessing the body’s natural ability to heal itself through endogenous mechanisms by repleting and restoring biocellular agents to promote and restore its capabilities for repair, replacement, and regeneration of damaged or degenerative tissues.

Regenerative Medicine Overview

Regenerative medicine treatments offered at Minnesota Regenerative Medicine include autologous (self-derived) mesenchymal stem cells, SVF, and high-density platelet-rich plasma (HD-PRP). These regenerative medicine treatments use surplus biocellular agents that are harvested from a patient’s bone marrow or fat to isolate mesenchymal stem cells and SVF, or harvested whole blood to isolate HD-PRP. These biocellular agents are then injected back into the body at targeted skin, soft tissue or musculoskeletal tissue sites to initiate the natural process of tissue rejuvenation and tissue regeneration.

At Minnesota Regenerative Medicine, areas in need of healing or rejuvenation are injected with stem cells, SVF, or HD-PRP, or a combination of the three, depending on patient preference and underlying degenerative condition. Tiny needles, 25-Gauge or smaller, are used to inject these biocellular agents from an area of surplus and reserve (bone marrow, fat, and blood), to an area of exhaustion and depletion (degenerative or injured tissue sites).

Treatment Areas

For degenerative skin, soft tissue, or musculoskeletal conditions, Minnesota Regenerative Medicine is one of only a few clinics in Minnesota to offer patients stem cell, SVF, and HD-PRP treatments to promote pain relief and healing of degenerative conditions. Since May of 2011, regenerative medicine specialists at Minnesota Regenerative Medicine have isolated and injected stem cells, SVF, or HD-PRP into hundreds of patients to treat degenerative skin, soft tissue and musculoskeletal conditions such as hair loss, hair thinning, early balding, skin fat atrophy, chronic wounds, painful scars, soft tissue injuries, osteoarthritis, tendinitis, ligament sprains, wounds, scars, muscle tears, bony areas of avascular necrosis, as well as inflammatory conditions such as erectile dysfunction, painful erections, abnormal penile curvature, and Peyronie’s disease where vascular injury, ischemia, and fibrosis occurs.

Good Candidates

While autologous stem cells, SVF, and HD-PRP treatments have been used for decades to treat a variety of degenerative conditions, their application in treating skin, soft tissue, and musculoskeletal conditions is relatively new. Research suggests that stem cell, SVF, and PRP treatments may slow the progression of osteoarthritis and deliver faster recovery of tendon and ligament injuries, with no adverse reactions. Stem cell, SVF, and HD-PRP treatments at MRM are for suitable candidates only, those which are cancer-free (for at least five years), are in reasonably good health, and preferably under the age of 75, since stem cell numbers and viability decrease with advancing age. Stem cell, SVF, and HD-PRP treatments are presently not a covered benefit of Medicare or private insurance.

Free Consultation

Our cosmetic regenerative medicine specialist provides a complimentary consult for each patient to establish if they are a good candidate for a regenerative medicine treatment with stem cells, SVF, or HD-PRP based on selection criteria, clinical indication, and desired treatment results.