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Real-Time Imaging

Real-Time Imaging Overview

Real Time Imaging Fluoroscopy“Real-time” imaging modalities such as fluoroscopy and ultrasonography are used at HOGUE CLINICS to provide guidance during injection and deployment of confirm needle placement during injection of biologic agents. In the photo on the right, a tiny 25-gauge needle is inserted using live fluoroscopy guidance into the targeted area of a HOGUE CLINICS patient receiving a PRP injection into the left shoulder to treat rotator cuff tendinitis.

Fluoroscopy Arthritic KneeIn the photo on the left, a tiny needle has been inserted through the skin lateral to the patellar tendon then advanced into the knee joint using fluoroscopy “real-time” x-ray guidance. While the tip of the needle remains in very close proximity to the femoral condyle of the knee joint, an autologous biologic agent is injected to treat knee osteoarthritis. Bone and joints are often best visualized using fluoroscopy, whereas skin and soft tissue such as skin wounds, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are often best visualized using ultrasonography.

Joint injection sites graphicWhether our regenerative medicine specialists are injecting skin, soft tissues, or musculoskeletal tissues, we believe our “real-time” image guidance has eliminated the uncertainty and inconsistency of needle placement to the benefit of our patients.

Real-time image guidance provides a safer, more accurate deployment of biologic agents for regenerative medicine treatments. Avoiding puncture of arteries, nerves, tendons, muscles, and bony structures during injection deployment will reduce the pain and potential for unexpected adverse events associated with regenerative medicine treatments. Safety and customer service for our patients is a top priority at HOGUE CLINICS.

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Our regenerative medicine specialist, Dr. Roger Hogue, consults with each patient to customize a regenerative medicine treatment plan specific to their painful degenerative condition.

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