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Biologic Agent FAQ

What is the potential benefit?

Regenerative medicine treatments with autologous and/or allogeneic biologic agents provide a non-surgical treatment option for relief of pain and promotion of natural healing and tissue regeneration for a degenerative condition, and for improvement in general well-being, anti-aging and vitality.

Who is a suitable candidate?

In general, regenerative medicine treatments with biologic agents can be appropriate for anyone experiencing painful degenerative conditions or the effects of degeneration associated with aging and loss of vitality. This potentially includes the entire aging adult population, but for degenerative painful conditions, it includes those with mild to moderate osteoarthritis affecting body areas such as the knee, shoulder, elbows, ankle/foot, wrist/hand, fingers. Regenerative medicine treatments with biologic agents can also be appropriate for individuals with skin and soft tissue conditions such as wounds, scars, scalp hair loss, men’s sexual health issues, chronic tendinitis, partially torn tendons, damaged musculoskeletal tissues, including degeneration of the rotator cuff, labrum, meniscus, or avascular necrosis of bone.

Who is NOT a suitable candidate for a regenerative medicine treatment with a biologic agent?

Conditions potentially excluding a patient from being a suitable candidate for a regenerative medicine treatment at HOGUE CLINICS with a biologic agent include:

  1. Graphic of stem cellsan individual with active cancer not in remission for at least 5 years; or prior lymphoma or leukemia
  2. a patient with a current or active infection
  3. a patient needing to take blood thinners (Warfarin or Coumadin)
  4. a patient needing to take anti-platelet medications (such as to prevent stroke or stenosis of coronary stent)
  5. a patient with complex or severe medical issues

What body areas can be treated at HOGUE CLINICS with a biologic agent?

The body areas treated with biologic agents at HOGUE CLINICS include the scalp, face, most body areas, penis,  peripheral joints (excluding spine and hips), tendons, ligaments, muscles. For anti-aging and vitality, a more extensive and inclusive treatment approach is available using cytokines & growth factors.

What are the risks?

Regenerative medicine treatments at HOGUE CLINICS using biologic agents are performed safely by Dr. Hogue with strict adherence to aseptic conditions and with minimal risk. You may experience some soreness for a few days at the harvest site and/or deployment injection sites following your regenerative medicine treatment at HOGUE CLINICS.

How do I obtain a price quote for a regenerative medicine treatment at HOGUE CLINICS?

A price quote for a regenerative medicine treatment at HOGUE CLINICS is provided by Dr. Hogue during your complimentary consultation. The price quote is determined by the biologic agents used, their quantities, the complexity of the treatment, and the treatment area(s).

At which HOGUE CLINICS location is the treatment performed?

Regenerative medicine treatments at HOGUE CLINICS are provided by Dr. Hogue only at our Maple Grove clinic location.

What if I am a suitable candidate for a regenerative medicine treatment?

If you can make the trip, we recommend that you schedule an appointment for a regenerative medicine consultation to determine if you are a suitable candidate. To expedite this process, we ask that you bring with you a printed copy of the IMAGING REPORT for any pertinent MRI or Xray imaging studies for our physician specialist to read and review, as well as any other pertinent medical records.

Where do the biologic agents used in the regenerative medicine treatments at HOGUE CLINICS come from?

The biologic agents used during regenerative medicine treatments at HOGUE CLINICS are harvested from the patient’s own body in the case of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), lipoaspirate, and micro-fragmented lipoaspirate. In the case of cytokines & growth factors, they are obtained from Kimeral Labs.

What is the success rate of a regenerative medicine treatment at HOGUE CLINICS?

Since we began performing regenerative medicine treatments in 2011 using biologic agents, our experience has been that most patients experience some degree of pain relief and functional improvement for the degenerative conditions receiving treatment. Each individual person is unique. All individuals do not respond the same to a regenerative medicine treatment or receive the same results. Individual results may vary.

Sometimes, for large joints such as shoulders and knees, we recommend platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections and/or cytokines & growth factors be performed monthly for 2 consecutive months after the initial regenerative medicine treatment to maximize treatment results and to promote ongoing tissue regeneration. This recommendation is based on the understanding that bioactive agents such as cytokines & growth factors initiate a paracrine effect by stimulating neighboring regenerative cell populations to initiate a specific regenerative or anti-inflammatory response. Each regenerative medicine treatment with biologic agents beyond the “initial regenerative medicine treatment session” will incur an additional charge. Ongoing clinical improvement following the “initial regenerative medicine treatment session” can continue for a year or more.

Does regenerative medicine treatment consist of one or multiple injections?

The number of injections per treatment session may vary. It depends on the number of areas treated, as well as the extent, severity, and complexity of the degenerative condition being treated.

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Our regenerative medicine specialist, Dr. Roger Hogue, consults with each patient to customize a regenerative medicine treatment plan specific to their degenerative condition.

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