HD-PRP Treatments

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HD-PRP is simply blood plasma with high-density platelet rich plasma (HD-PRP) that has a platelet concentration that is 5-fold or greater above the baseline platelet concentration in whole blood. HD-PRP contains bioactive agents such as 30+ growth factors, cytokines, peptides, and proteins that are vital to initiating and promoting natural wound healing, tissue repair and regeneration.

Autologous High-Density Platelet-Rich Plasma (HD-PRP) Treatments Overview

Autologous (patient-derived) high-density platelet-rich plasma (HD-PRP) treatments are offered at Minnesota Regenerative Medicine for a variety of tissue regeneration applications. These include skin regeneration, hair & soft tissue regeneration, sexual regeneration, and musculoskeletal tissue regeneration. We offer three price tiers based on the amount of whole blood drawn by venipuncture. Either 60-mLs, 120-mLs, or 180-mLs of whole blood is drawn from a patient’s peripheral arm vein then spun in the Angel® System centrifuge to separate the platelets from whole blood into platelet-rich plasma (PRP), platelet-poor plasma (PPP), and red blood cells. Maximum obtainable concentrations of isolated platelet-rich plasma using the Angel® System is up to 18-fold over baseline concentration of platelets in whole blood. HD-PRP concentrations are routinely selected to be 5-fold or greater. HD-PRP, containing a concentrated myriad of 30+ growth factors, is injected into injured or degenerative tissue areas to promote natural healing. When clinically indicated, real-time imaging (fluoroscopy or ultrasonography) is used to provide precision and accuracy during HD-PRP injection. HD-PRP may be combined with bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) or fat aspirate concentrate (FAC), since HD-PRP stimulates biocellular cell populations within BMAC and FAC to mitotically divide and differentiate.

HD-PRP Treatments offered at MRM for musculoskeletal regeneration include the following treatment conditions:

  • An injured or painful tendon
  • An injured or painful ligament
  • An injured or painful joint or bone
  • An injured or painful muscle
  • An injured or painful shoulder rotator cuff or labrum tear
  • An injured or painful knee meniscus

Autologous HD-PRP Treatments offered at MRM for hair or skin regeneration include the following treatment conditions:

  • Hair regeneration for hair thinning, hair loss, hair miniaturization, or early genetic pattern baldness for biocellular hair restoration
  • Skin regeneration for wound healing, scar improvement, fat grafting, correcting surface contours, or improving skin appearance

Autologous HD-PRP with BMAC or FAC Treatments offered at MRM for Men’s Sexual Health regeneration include the following treatment conditions:

  • Erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as ED
  • Peyronie’s disease characterized by scar tissue formation in the soft tissue of the penis causing painful erections, painful intercourse, abnormal penile curvature, or a decrease in penile girth and length
  • For penile girth enhancement (male enlargement) in the setting of a decrease in penile girth and length due to degeneration

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