Regenerative Medicine

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First of all, the specialty of regenerative medicine focuses on the body’s natural ability to repair, replace, and regenerate damaged or aging tissues. Hence, when using autologous (self-derived) biocellular therapies, a patient taps into their body’s ability to heal itself. Considering that each human being began as a singe cell (their mother’s fertilized egg), the potential for natural regenerative medicine within the human body has a proven lineage. Through self healing, the body is able to resolve pain and inflammation, and restore functionality.

Biocellular therapy offerings at Minnesota Regenerative Medicine (MRM) include stem cell treatments and high-density platelet-rich plasma (HD-PRP) treatments. Biocellular therapies are indicated for someone with a painful, degenerative condition, that over time, has depleted or overwhelmed their body’s natural ability to self heal.

Regenerative medicine specialists at MRM serve as mere catalysts to safely and effectively collect and isolate the patient’s natural regenerative cells from their bone marrow, fat tissue, or whole blood to allow repletion of these regenerative cells into degenerative locations, to prime and restore the patient’s ability to self heal. Self-healing, growth, and development is a natural process that has been regularly occurring since the day we were conceived, and will continue until the day we die.

Bone marrow harvesting is performed via aspiration and involves drilling into the bone with a trochar needle, usually into the marrow cavity of the iliac crest of the pelvic bone. The donor site requires numbing to acquire bone marrow aspirate containing stem cells, stromal cells, progenitor cells, red cells and white cells. Until the recent November 2017 FDA Guidance on use of adipose-derived stem cells, entitled: Regulatory Considerations for Human Cell, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue-Based Products: Minimal Manipulation and Homologous Use, the harvesting of adipose tissue was the preferred adult human source of autologous (self-derived) mesenchymal stem cells for regenerative medicine purposes due to the general abundance of available fat tissue, ease and safety of fat tissue extraction by liposuction, and high yields of adipocyte-derived stem cells within the stromal vascular fraction of adipose tissue. Collection of bone marrow aspirate as a mesenchymal stem cell source, as compared with fat, has a host of problems with respect to cell quality, cell numbers, patient-related difficulties, and post-harvesting pain. While the November 2017 FDA Guidance mentioned above still allows bone marrow to be a source for mesenchymal stem cells for regenerative medicine purposes in humans for homologous use with minimal manipulation, a patient’s choice, relative comfort, and likely treatment outcome has been potentially diminished. As a result of the November 2017 FDA Guidance establishing adipocyte-derived stem cells (AD-SVF) as a drug, patients may have to request a personal exemption from the FDA for an investigational regenerative medicine treatment that uses their own stem cells (AD-SVF) obtained from their own surplus fat tissue.

Stem Cells And Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Biocellular regenerative medicine treatments at MRM make it possible to harvest and isolate regenerative cells and tissues. Interestingly, our physicians isolate regenerative cells from a patient’s bone marrow, fat tissue, or whole blood. Our physicians isolate adult stem cells and stromal vascular fraction from a patient’s bone marrow or fat tissue. Our physicians isolate high-density platelet-rich plasma (HD-PRP) from a patient’s whole blood. Since May of 2011, our physicians have performed isolation of adult stem cells and stromal vascular fraction (either BMD-SVF or AD-SVF), as well as high-density PRP (HD-PRP) for hundreds of regenerative medicine patients. Furthermore, our regenerative medicine specialists inject the isolated stem cells (SVF) and HD-PRP into degenerative sites to help restore and repair damaged tissues. Finally, stem cell (SVF) and HD-PRP treatments promote pain relief in inflamed tissues including skin, soft tissues, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones, and joints. To determine if you are a candidate for a biocellular therapy, you will first need to have a consultation at MRM. After your consultation, our regenerative medicine specialist will discuss available treatment options with you.

Regenerative Medicine At MRM

Biocellular therapy offerings at MRM are intended for patients with painful, degenerative conditions involving skin, soft-tissues, or musculoskeletal structures that involve soft-tissue dysfunction, scars, wounds, injuries, osteoarthritis, chronic tendinitis, partially torn tendons and ligaments, and avascular bone necrosis (osteonecrosis). Consequently, potential treatment areas include the the knees, shoulders, fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, hips, ankles, toes, tendons, skin and soft tissues involving the scalp, face, body, hands, genital areas. The most common conditions treated at MRM include knee pain and cartilage loss from osteoarthritis, painful knee from meniscus tear, shoulder pain from labrum tear, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tendinitis, hip pain from osteoarthritis, soft tissue wounds, scars, and men’s sexual health issues such as erectile dysfunction, painful erections, abnormal penile curvature, and Peyronie’s disease. Finally, our physicians use advanced imaging when needed such as fluoroscopy and ultrasound-guidance to ensure accurate injection of biocellular agents into the targeted location.

Free Consultation

Our regenerative medicine specialist consults with each patient to customize a treatment plan specific to their degenerative condition.