Patient Testimonials

“I sought treatment for my knee with moderate osteoarthritis.  I wanted to avoid knee replacement and a life on pain killer medications, while keeping and remaining active.  While consulting with Dr. Hogue, I decided to also treat my severely damaged Achilles’ tendon on my other leg.  The treatments were very successful.  After 50 years of chronic pain in my Achilles’ tendon, it no longer hurts!  My arthritic knee is also much improved, with greatly reduced pain and swelling, and no need for pain medications.  I am active, walking mostly, and not being held back by my knee or my foot.  The procedure was easy, with little discomfort.  The whole staff was very kind, and kept me as comfortable as possible.  Well worth it!  After more than 2 years, I continue to do well.”

– L.K., (ST PAUL, MN), Minnesota Regenerative Medicine

“My varicose vein treatment results are very pleasing. The vein treatments at Hogue Vein Institute were quick, effective, and minimally uncomfortable. I resumed my normal activities immediately. Finally, my varicose veins are no longer visible. Furthermore, my legs no longer swell.”

– A.J., (Park Rapids, MN), Hogue Vein Institute

“When I found Hogue Vein Institute, I was in need of help. With a history of varicose veins and a leg ulcer, I experienced how painless the endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) treatment was, and how it cured my varicose vein problem, including my ulcer. I would recommend Hogue Vein Institute to anyone in need varicose vein treatment.”

– R.M., (Moorhead, MN), Hogue Vein Institute
Results may vary from individual to individual.