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Tissue Regeneration


musculoskeletal diagramRegenerative medicine treatments using biologic agents using platelet-rich plasma (PRP), micro-fragmented adipose tissue (MFAT), and placental-derived MSC Exosomes are used to promote the repair and regeneration of damaged and degenerative tissues. These biologic agents work by harnessing the natural healing power of growth factors, cytokines, peptides and other bioactive mediators. The mission at HOGUE CLINICS is to employ safe biologic agents for the treatment of degenerative conditions to promote natural healing and improve functionality, vitality, and quality of life.

The Complexity of the First Stem Cell

Complexity of the First Stem CellMankind in all of its wisdom, ingenuity, and experience still cannot create a human cell or synthesize something so marvelous as a fertilized egg destined to become so much more. Ponder the marvel a mother’s fertilized egg dividing and differentiating to create human form and function. A single cell becoming trillions of cells, each cell programmed to differentiate into the complex cells and tissues, each working together (paracrine effect) to create a healthy, fully functioning human being with complex motor function, special senses, reproductive capacity, intelligence, and so much more.

Our Role as Catalysts

At HOGUE CLINICS, while we are physicians and surgical specialists, we are mindful and respectful of our role as mere catalysts when performing regenerative medicine treatments. We cannot precisely predict the regenerative response or clinical outcome following a regenerative medicine treatment using biologic agents. This is because each individual possesses a unique set of capabilities and limitations. Every individual is unique. We do know that regenerative medicine treatments possess great potential to reverse aging and to heal.

Renewal, Not the Status Quo

Sprinters in raceIf all human individuals were the same, competitive races would not exist in Track & Field competitions to determine who is the fastest. With time passage, each human adult experiences a degree of slowdown and gradual decay in his or her generative and regenerative capabilities. These changes have always been associated with “aging”. Regenerative medicine and anti-aging treatments serve to restore and replete those capabilities when they manifest as pain, degeneration, injury, functional impairment, aging, and loss of vitality. By deploying biologic agents into depleted, degenerative areas such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), micro-fragmented adipose tissue (MFAT), and MSC exosomes, the practice of “Regenerative Medicine” at HOGUE CLINICS is performed. Regenerative medicine seeks renewal, not the status quo. Regenerative medicine is a capability or technology that allows the body to tap into regenerative and reserve capabilities through the use of biologic agents. Regenerative medicine specialist, Dr. Roger Hogue, assists his patients at HOGUE CLINICS by deploying biologic agents into degenerative areas using safe, innovative, effective technologies and methods.

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Our regenerative medicine specialist Dr. Hogue consults with each patient to customize an individualized treatment plan for each patient based on their needs, wants, and desires.

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