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Biologic Treatments

PRP is blood plasma concentrated into platelet rich plasma (PRP) that has a markedly increased platelet concentration over baseline (platelet concentration within the blood) that is preferably > 1.0 million platelets/microliter. For reference, the normal range of platelet concentration within the blood is 0.15 million to 0.39 million/microliter. PRP contains numerous bioactive agents including growth factors, cytokines, peptides, and proteins that are anti-inflammatory, promote relief of pain and natural wound healing, including cell and tissue regeneration.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments Overview

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments are offered at HOGUE CLINICS for a variety of regeneration medicine applications. These include musculoskeletal regeneration, scalp hair regeneration, and men’s sexual health regeneration. At HOGUE CLINICS, the platelet concentration within the harvested blood and isolated PRP is determined at point of care using the HORIBA ABX Micros 60 Hematology Analyzer. Once isolated and concentrated, PRP (usually > 1.0 million/microliter) is deployed into injured or degenerative tissue areas to promote natural healing. When clinically indicated, visual or real-time imaging (fluoroscopy or ultrasonography) is used to provide precision guidance during PRP deployment.

PRP Treatments at HOGUE CLINICS for painful, musculoskeletal conditions:

  • Arthritic knee or shoulder
  • Arthritic shoulder
  • Degenerative knee meniscus
  • Degenerative shoulder rotator cuff or shoulder labrum
  • Inured or painful knee ligament
  • Injured or painful shoulder ligament
  • Injured or painful muscle (sprain or partial tear)
  • Injured or degenerative tendon (tendinitis or tendinosis)

PRP Treatments at HOGUE CLINICS for degenerative scalp hair conditions:

  • Scalp hair loss, thinning, early balding
  • Scalp focal alopecia (patchy hair loss)

PRP Treatments at HOGUE CLINICS for men’s sexual health conditions:

  • Erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as ED
  • Desire for improved sexual performance with penis regeneration
  • Desire for male enhancement (increased size and erection potential)

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