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Laser Toenail Fungus

Laser Toenail Fungus Overview

Pair of feetA laser toenail fungus treatment at HOGUE CLINICS includes mechanical debridement of thickened, scaly fungus-infected toenails. Mechanical debridement is performed using a motorized device with a sterile carbide bit that is is used to mechanically thin thickened toenails, which commonly occur in response to a fungal nail infection. Since toenail growth in length often slows in favor of vertical thickening when fungal-infected, mechanical nail thinning is an essential part of the treatment process. Mechanical debridement also promotes more effective penetration of the laser energy into the toenail and underlying nail bed during laser treatment.

At HOGUE CLINICS, a comprehensive laser toenail fungus treatment program for Athlete’s Foot and Toenail Fungus has been developed by Dr. Hogue, which also addresses the problem of fungal spore contamination of footwear. Using an effervescent tablet of chlorine dioxide placed in a plastic cup filled with a teaspoon of water (5 mL) contained within a plastic zipper bag, the patient’s footwear is decontaminated with generated chlorine dioxide gas over a 72-hour period. After 72-hours, the footwear and bag contents can be safely removed from the plastic zipper bag. Without chlorine dioxide gas fumigation, fungal spores seeded within the footwear are potentially able to re-infect the skin and toenails.


At HOGUE CLINICS, an FDA-cleared 1064nm Nd:YAG laser is used to destroy the fungal microorganisms causing toenail fungus. With a laser toenail fungus treatment, there is no downtime. While patients may feel heating up of their toenails during a laser treatment to a level approaching a “feels so hot” level, no anesthesia whatsoever is required and no cutaneous thermal injury or burn occurs.

Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Steps

A list of laser toenail fungus treatment steps performed during an initial toenail fungus treatment session at HOGUE CLINICS is included below:

  • Toenail Fungus Treatment before/afterPhotos taken of toenails with a digital camera (optional)
  • Feet and toenails topically cleansed with topical isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or chlorhexidine (Hibiclens) antiseptic solution
  • Thickened toenails are trimmed and/or mechanically debrided with a powered nail drill system
  • Infrared 1064-nm laser is used to heat the nail plate of each infected toenail to destroy nail fungus within the nail plate and the underlying nail bed
  • Compounded anti-fungal cream is topically applied to the affected toes/feet
  • Rx is provided for 2%-terbinafine/2%-clotrimazole anti-fungal Cream for topical twice daily application
  • Patient is instructed to perform footwear fumigation; to do recommended home care; and to schedule follow-up treatment visits.

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