Hogue Clinics

Welcome to Hogue Clinics, the uniting brand of our specialty clinics.

Four specialty clinics comprise Hogue Clinics. These include¬†Hogue Vein Institute, Minnesota Regenerative Medicine, Hogue Cosmetic Surgery, and HCS MedSpa. Dr. Roger Hogue, MD and his wife, Lori Hogue, RN, founded Hogue Clinics in 2004. With the Hogue brand, you can be confident you are choosing a professional brand with an established reputation. Not surprisingly, Hogue Clinics is an innovative leader in developing tomorrow’s healthcare. Hogue Clinics is committed to treatment methods that are safer, less-invasive, less expensive, and more effective. The Hogue brand is all about using world-class innovation to achieve world-class results.

An invitation to explore the Hogue Clinics website

We invite you to explore the Hogue Clinics website, as well as the web links to our four specialty clinics. Furthermore, it’s a great way to learn more about the Hogue brand and the treatments we offer. Healthcare is changing, advancing, and evolving with the advent of surgical lasers and regenerative medicine techniques. Furthermore, innovative, less invasive treatment options are capable of achieving world-class results. In addition, these treatments provide a safer, less expensive alternative to traditional surgical methods. Finally, we are very aware of the concerns, changing demands, and expectations of the public. For the public has fueled a paradigm shift, which is well under way. The paradigm shift involves a preference for safe, awake, minimally-invasive procedures performed using local anesthesia, the safest anesthesia method in existence. When safer, less-invasive treatment methods exist, the public prefers safer over riskier surgical and anesthesia methods.

Choose Hogue Clinics for World-Class Results

At Hogue Clinics, we expect our specialty clinics will be the ‘Regional Leader’ for the treatment offerings performed. Whether your concerns involve vein care, regenerative medicine, cosmetic surgery, or medical spa treatments, Hogue Clinics is your best choice for these services. Hogue Clinics is the professional brand with an established reputation for achieving the best results.