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Breast Reduction

Laser Liposuction Breast Reduction

The surgical procedure known as Laser Liposuction Breast Reduction (LLBR) is performed at HOGUE CLINICS to significantly reduce breast size in a scarless manner. The amount of breast volume reduction and final surgical outcome achieved from LLBR is determined by patient preference, the amount of accessible fat by liposuction, and certain technical limitations.

The photo sets below provide visual examples of the Before and Immediately After breast appearance, including photos of the liposuction canisters showing the amount of liposuction aspirate obtained from each breast during a LLBR procedure performed by Dr. Hogue at HOGUE CLINICS.

Before & After photos of a Laser Liposuction Breast Reduction (LLBR) procedure performed by Dr. Hogue at HOGUE CLINICS is shown in the photo set below. Before photo is on the left and 4-months After photo is on the right:

At HOGUE CLINICS, a laser liposuction breast reduction (LLBR) is performed as an office-based procedure using tumescent local anesthesia, inhaled nitrous oxide, and oral sedation. This safe anesthetic technique allows LLBR to be performed while laser heating, melting, tightening, sculpting, and liposuction fat removal is performed.

What are the advantages of Laser Liposuction Breast Reduction (LLBR) over Traditional Breast Reduction Open-Surgery?

The above diagram illustrates the surgical incision inverted T-shape pattern and skin closure lines commonly used during traditional breast reduction open-surgery that leave an “anchor” scar. Laser liposuction breast reduction (LLBR) is a revolutionary surgical procedure that provides a scarless alternative for women. LLBR has many advantages over open-surgery. The advantages of LLBR compared with incisional breast reduction includes avoidance of general anesthesia risks, reduced blood loss, less risk of infection, less risk of skin necrosis, less post-operative pain, minimal to no scarring, decreased loss of nipple sensation, avoidance of surgical drains, and quicker recovery. The LLBR procedure also allows the liposuction surgeon to remove and sculpt the axillary and peri-axillary fat pads around the armpit area to frame and define the breasts for a more attractive overall breast shape and appearance.

With the LLBR procedure, very tiny incisions are made around the breast just large enough to to fit the tiny laser and liposuction cannulas, whereas with incisional breast reduction open-surgery, large skin incisions are made to remove excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue. Nearly 50% of women will have complications following traditional incisional breast reduction open-surgery. Laser liposuction breast reduction (LLBR) is a much safer alternative with minimal complications compared with traditional breast reduction open-surgery. Following LLBR, women can return to their full activities within a few days, not weeks to several months as with traditional incisional breast reduction open-surgery.

With advancements in laser liposuction technology, the laser liposuction breast reduction (LLBR) procedure is an alternative choice for women considering incisional breast reduction surgery for the management of hypertrophied breast enlargement. Discover how Dr. Hogue has taken liposuction breast reduction to a new dimension through his innovative techniques and technical expertise. Since female breasts are about 50% fat, a significant reduction in breast cup size can be achieved using laser liposuction. LLBR removes fatty tissue, but not glandular breast tissue.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for LLBR is a healthy adult female with hypertrophied breast tissue. Depending on your breast size, LLBR might be an option for you. Individuals that had prior incisional breast reduction surgery that have now become re-afflicted with hypertrophied breast enlargement, also represent ideal candidates for LLBR.

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Recovery and Results

Since the LLBR procedure is performed using local anesthesia, inhaled nitrous oxide, and oral sedation as a same day outpatient surgical procedure, a quick recovery is anticipated. Patients can return to their full activities within a few days.

The clinical results following a LLBR procedure are immediate and continue to show improvements in tissue and skin tightening over the ensuing 12-months.

Actual “Before and After” results of LLBR patients at HOGUE CLINICS may be seen by clicking on the following link: https://www.hogueclinics.com/galleries-category/female-breast-reduction-laser-liposuction/

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