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Cosmetic Vein Treatments

Undesirable surface veins on the face, breasts, and legs can challenge one’s self confidence, often triggering social embarrassment.

Individuals with visibly apparent red, blue, or purple colored skin surface Model bodyveins, often called spider veins, may find themselves trying to cover up the appearance of these veins on their face, cleavage, and legs, even during the summer months. Going out in public where the veins are socially visible often triggers a sense of uneasiness and anxiety. Effective cosmetic vein treatments for eliminating unwanted surface veins on the face, breasts, and legs are offered at HOGUE CLINICS as part of our comprehensive cosmetic vein treatment program.

The professional team at HOGUE CLINICS provides effective remedies for treatment of unsightly surface veins on face, breasts, and legs.
A customized treatment plan for each individual patient is made based on individual concerns, cosmetic goals, and effective remedies for treating underlying cosmetic vein concerns. Contact Us today to schedule a FREE cosmetic vein consultation at HOGUE CLINICS.

About Cosmetic Vein Treatments

Three pairs of legsThe development of unsightly surface veins on the face, breasts, and legs usually persist and worsen over time. We believe at HOGUE CLINICS that every patient should have confidence in their skin appearance. We are committed to restoring lost confidence for our cosmetic vein patients using proven techniques such as transdermal laser therapy and sclerotherapy. The selected cosmetic vein treatment method at HOGUE CLINICS will be based on the specifics of their underlying vein condition, the patient’s treatment goals, and our vein specialist’s professional recommendation.

What Causes Visible Veins?

A telangiectasia, also called a spider vein, is a small dilated vein near the skin surface. A spider vein can develop anywhere on the body, becoming visible and unsightly. Often times, it’s not one, but many intertwining surface veins that contribute to an unsightly skin appearance. Causes of visible veins may be due to acquired or congenital reasons. One example of a congenital cause is a port-wine stain. Examples of acquired causes include acne rosacea, topical use of  steroid creams, damage caused by sun or cold exposure, skin trauma, and underlying venous reflux disease (varicose veins). Regardless of the causation, effective cosmetic vein treatments are available at HOGUE CLINICS using laser/light modalities and injection sclerotherapy. Safe, effective cosmetic vein treatments is our priority at HOGUE CLINICS. 

All cosmetic vein treatments at HOGUE CLINICS are performed in a private clinic setting while awake with no downtime.

Advanced imaging techniques such as trans-illumination (vein light or polarized headlamp) is routinely used to improve safety and precision during cosmetic vein treatment sessions.

Good Candidates

Good candidates for a cosmetic vein treatment are healthy individuals. If a medical leg vein condition co-exists, then it requires treatment first. This is because varicose veins on the legs are often responsible for giving rise to the skin surface spider veins. In a coexisting cosmetic and medical vein condition, the success of cosmetic vein treatment is often dependent on resolution or stabilization of the underlying medical vein condition. The only way to determine whether one “is” or “is not” a good candidate for cosmetic vein treatment at HOGUE CLINICS is to have an onsite evaluation by one of our vein specialists.

  • Female patients should not have a vein treatment when they are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Cosmetic vein treatments often require multiple treatment sessions to achieve a satisfactory aesthetic outcome.
  • Patients should have realistic expectations of cosmetic vein treatments, since results may vary from individual to individual.

Treatment Options


Unwanted surface veins on the breasts and legs can be eliminated with injection sclerotherapy using polidocanol. Polidocanol was developed as a local anesthetic agent, so its use in sclerotherapy has an added benefit of numbing the pain associated with an injection. It is a prescription injectable medication that can only be provided by a healthcare provider. To treat spider veins, polidocanol is injected into the targeted unwanted surface vein. It works by damaging the vein’s endothelium, which are the cells lining the inside of the vascular tube. As a result, the targeted surface vein will eventually shrink, collapse, and disappear. Cosmetic injection sclerotherapy typically takes about 60 minutes to perform. Once treated, a patient may return to home with no downtime. Following treatment, patients are instructed to wear a compression garment over the vein treatment area for several days.


A safe, effective, non-invasive method exists for treating unwanted surface veins on face, breast, and legs. This method, called transdermal laser therapy, uses laser energy to heat-shrink the targeted veins. Since the laser energy must cross the outside skin layers from the epidermis to the dermis to the location where the surface veins reside, it is reserved for light-skinned individuals without recent sun exposure in the prior few weeks, since the pigment melanin is a competing chromophore for absorbing delivered laser energy.

Results of Cosmetic Vein Treatments

Side view of female figure
The amount of time it takes to obtain visibly noticeable results after a cosmetic vein treatment varies according to the type of treatment and the extent of the vein condition being treated. Smaller veins usually shrink, collapse, and disappear more quickly than larger ones.

Cosmetic Vein TreatmentVein treatments such as transdermal laser therapy and injection sclerotherapy result in gradual disappearance of the visible surface veins over time, usually after weeks to a few months. Usually, multiple treatment sessions are needed to achieve near-complete elimination of the unwanted surface veins. Patience is often a key ingredient to successful cosmetic vein treatment outcomes.


Pricing at HOGUE CLINICS for cosmetic vein treatments are discussed during the initial free consultation. Nearly all types of unwanted surface veins involving the face, breasts, and legs are treatable at HOGUE CLINCS. Contact HOGUE CLINICS today to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our vein specialists.

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