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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer

Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer (BAFT) is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure at HOGUE CLINICS for breast volume enhancement, breast shaping, and breast contouring. The BAFT procedure may be used to correct breast asymmetries. At HOGUE CLINICS, Dr. Hogue performs the BAFT procedure while the patient is awake using a combination of local anesthesia, inhaled nitrous oxide, and oral sedation. The BAFT procedure involves harvesting fat from surplus body areas using tumescent liposuction techniques, followed by processing of the harvested fat into filtered, precision-sized fat clusters using the PRISM PARTICLE SIZER device (invented by Dr Hogue). These optimally-sized fat clusters are then artistically injected into the breasts for volume enhancement, shaping, contouring, and correction of breast asymmetries. Since fat is completely natural, there are no allergic or inflammatory reaction concerns. Not only does the BAFT procedure create natural appearing breasts and breast cleavage (without the use of or need for synthetic breast implants with their accompanying surgical scars), it also provides for amazing sculpting, volume reduction, and contouring of the fat harvest areas that provided their surplus fat for the BAFT procedure!

With its completely natural breast augmentation, the BAFT procedure is an amazing and exciting alternative to surgical breast implants. Discover how Dr. Hogue has taken autologous fat transfer and BAFT to the next dimension through his innovative methods and technical expertise. An example of a 36 year old female BEFORE & AFTER RESULTS is shown in the photo set below with BEFORE (left), 6-DAYS AFTER (middle) and 1-MONTH AFTER (right) for a breast augmentation fat transfer (BAFT) procedure performed by Dr. Hogue at HOGUE CLINICS:


Fat transfer to the breasts and breast cleavage is a natural way to achieve natural breast augmentation for those desiring larger breasts, sculpted and contoured breasts, and especially for those that prefer not to have synthetic surgical breast implants. If you are interested in having natural breast augmentation with the BAFT procedure, please contact HOGUE CLINICS to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. Hogue.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for a BAFT procedure is a healthy, non-smoking, non-vaping, individual. Smokers/vapers are advised to stop smoking for at least two weeks beforehand, and completely abstain from smoking for 3 months following their breast augmentation fat transfer procedure. For obvious reasons, the ideal candidate should have a steady weight and possess a surplus amount of fat to allow for harvesting for the treatment to be performed.


The breast augmentation fat transfer procedure involves fat tissue harvesting by liposuction, followed by fat aspirate particle injection using tiny non-traumatic cannulas. An example of BEFORE and 6 months AFTER breast augmentation fat transfer (BAFT) results at HOGUE CLINICS performed by Dr. Hogue is shown in the photo set below:

Recovery and Results

Avoidance of any smoking or vaping for at least three months following a breast augmentation fat transfer treatment is advisable to avoid a poor fat transfer outcome. Grafted fat, along with its intrinsic regenerative cell populations, provides both cosmetic and regenerative benefits to the treated breast area. Grafted fat is an alive, naturally-occurring tissue within the body. Grafted fat continues to show benefits over time, often for years and decades. At HOGUE CLINICS, Dr. Hogue, provides a complimentary consultation for a breast augmentation fat transfer procedure. Based on selection criteria, clinical indication, and desired outcome, a customized treatment plan is developed for each patient. Fat transfer requires experience, expertise, technological proficiency, and artistry. Dr. Hogue possesses these skills to achieve world-class clinical outcomes for his fat transfer patients.

Before and After photo results of breast augmentation fat transfer performed at HOGUE CLINICS may be viewed at the following link: https://www.hogueclinics.com/galleries-category/female-breast-augmentation-fat-transfer/


A price quote for a breast augmentation fat transfer procedure is provided at your consultation with Dr. Roger Hogue. Contact HOGUE CLINICS today to schedule a complimentary breast augmentation consultation.

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