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Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting)

Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting)

Fat transfer (fat grafting) may be used to treat undesirable scar depressions, volume deficits, or surface contour irregularities involving the skin surface.

At Hogue Clinics, an autologous fat transfer treatment is an office-based procedure done under awake local anesthesia that involves harvesting of fat clusters using tumescent liposuction followed by processing of the fat aspirate clusters using the PRISM PARTICLE SIZER device (invented by Dr. Roger Hogue) into micro-precision fat particles, which are then strategically deployed or injected beneath the skin into targeted areas for cosmetic enhancement, volume correction, and regeneration of aged or damaged tissues. Since fat is completely natural, it does not have the potential to cause an allergic reaction, unlike synthetic fillers, when injected back into the same person from which it was harvested from.

With advancements in biologic fat tissue preparation, the autologous fat transfer procedure is changing the ways in which harvested fat can be used for a host of clinical applications. Discover how Dr. Hogue has taken autologous fat transfer to a new dimension through his innovation and technical expertise.

Areas Treated

For your convenience, the following autologous fat transfer treatment categories have been established:


Autologous fat grafting is a key volumizing tool used by today’s cosmetic surgeon for repair and rejuvenation of the aging face. Targeted injections of micro-precision fat aspirate particles can restore volume, contour, and curves to depleted facial fat pads, thereby addressing a primary cause of facial aging. Loss of facial fat pad volume surrounding the eye and temple regions is one of the earliest signs of facial aging. Loss of fat volume surrounding the eyes presents a tired, hollowed appearance. Facial fat transfer can restore lost volume for the entire face, including the forehead, nose, temples, cheeks, lower face, jawline, and areas surrounding the eyes and mouth. Fat transfer is ideal for restoring a youthful, rejuvenated facial appearance. The results are long-lasting, often lasting years to decades.


For years, a telltale sign of aging has been the appearance of the back of one’s hands. Aging of the hands often reveals thin, atrophied skin, prominent tendons and veins, and muscle atrophy. Unfortunately, the back of the hands is apparent and visible for all to see. With autologous fat transfer, instant, long-lasting hand rejuvenation is now possible at an affordable price.


Fat transfer to the breasts and cleavage is a minimally invasive way to achieve a natural breast and breast cleavage appearance for women desiring larger breasts, especially for those that prefer not to have synthetic breast implants placed. Women interested in natural appearing, volume-enhanced breasts/breast cleavage enhancement using fat transfer are encouraged to contact HOGUE CLINICS to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. Roger Hogue. If you are interested in viewing an actual Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer procedure performed by Dr. Hogue and you have an Instagram account, then you may click on the following procedure video link: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CZ63GhTAsdH/?utm_medium=copy_link


Fat transfer to the buttocks is a minimally invasive way to achieve a more voluminous and curvy booty for women desiring to enhance and enlarge their buttocks. At HOGUE CLINICS, this procedure is ofter co-performed with the laser liposuction “Framing the Booty” procedure. For safety reasons, micro-precision fat particles are only transferred into the subcutaneous fat layer of the buttocks by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Roger Hogue, not within the buttock musculature where large veins exists that give rise to the possibility of injected fat particles entering the venous system through inadvertent puncture or injury of these buttock area veins, thereby causing a fat embolism condition, which can be fatal. Women interested in safe fat transfer to their buttocks are encouraged to contact HOGUE CLINICS to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. Roger Hogue.


Autologous fat transfer of the penis, known as the M-SHOT or ManShot, is an effective treatment for penis girth enlargement and male enhancement. Eligible candidates for the M-SHOT (ManShot) must already be circumcised. If interested in learning more about the M-SHOT (ManShot), please contact HOGUE CLINICS to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. Hogue.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for an autologous fat transfer (fat grafting) treatment is a healthy, non-smoking, non-vapin individual that has surplus fat and is interested in having the procedure. Smokers are advised to stop smoking for at least two weeks beforehand, and completely abstain from smoking for 2 months following their fat transfer procedure. For obvious reasons, the ideal candidate should have a steady weight and possess a surplus amount of fat to allow for harvesting of sufficient fat tissue for the treatment to be performed.


The autologous fat transfer procedure involves fat tissue harvesting by liposuction, followed by fat aspirate particle injection using tiny non-traumatic cannulas. At HOGUE CLINICS, a fat transfer treatment takes several hours to perform with the patient awake using local anesthesia, nerve blocks, and oral sedation. A routine follow-up visit is scheduled with Dr. Hogue at about 1 week, then periodically thereafter for several months. Photos are taken periodically, with final results photos taken at 1-year. An example of the progression of the healing process in a 40-year old female patient that underwent a facial fat transfer treatment at HOGUE CLINICS by Dr. Roger Hogue is shown below. The following 4 photos (from left to right) were taken at: (1) pre-op; (2) immediately post-op; (3) 1-week post-op; and (4) 2-months after facial fat transfer treatment.

Before Fat Transfer

Immediately After Fat Transfer

1 Week After Fat Transfer

2 Months After Fat Transfer







Recovery and Results

Avoidance of any smoking or vaping for at least three months following a fat transfer treatment is mandatory and necessary to avoid a poor fat transfer outcome. Grafted fat, along with its intrinsic regenerative cell populations, provides both cosmetic and regenerative benefits to the treated area. Grafted fat is an alive, naturally-occurring tissue within the body. Grafted fat continues to show benefits over time, often for years and decades.


At HOGUE CLINICS, Dr. Hogue, provides a complimentary consultation for a fat transfer procedure. Based on selection criteria, clinical indication, and desired outcome, a customized treatment plan is developed for each patient. Fat transfer requires experience, expertise, technological proficiency, and artistry. Dr. Hogue possesses these skills to achieve world-class clinical outcomes for his fat transfer patients.


A price quote for an autologous fat transfer procedure is provided at your consultation with Dr. Roger Hogue. Contact HOGUE CLINICS today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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