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Although we have offered this treatment in the past, we currently do not currently perform J-Plasma treatments at this time. The information on this page is for patient education only.

J-Plasma Overview

A list of J-Plasma® treatment offerings performed by cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Roger Hogue, at Hogue Cosmetic Surgery for the purpose of subnormal skin tightening, either alone, or in combination with other treatment modalities, include the following:

  • J-Plasma® of the Lower Face, Under Chin, Neck, Breasts, Body Areas (Subdermal Tightening for Moderate-to-Severe Skin Laxity)
  • J-Plasma® + INFINI™ of the Lower Face, Under Chin, Neck, Breasts, Body Areas (Subdermal + Dermal Tightening for Moderate-to-Severe Skin Laxity)
  • J-Plasma® + Laser Liposuction of the Lower Face, Under Chin, Neck, Breasts, Body Areas (Subdermal Tightening with Laser Liposuction for Moderate-to-Severe Skin Laxity and Focal Adiposity)
  • J-Plasma® + INFINI™ + Laser Liposuction of the Lower Face, Under Chin, Neck, Breasts, Body Areas (Subdermal Tightening with Laser Liposuction for Moderate-to-Severe Skin Laxity and Focal Adiposity)

Dr. Hogue performed his J-Plasma® training with Colorado board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jack Zamora, who has been credited with discovering the revolutionary, off-label clinical application of J-Plasma® for use in subdermal skin tightening.

What is J-Plasma®?

J-Plasma® is a revolutionary minimally-invasive procedure that uses safely-delivered cold plasma energy to tighten the under surface of the skin. Using a small wand placed beneath the skin, RF energy is used to deliver energized helium gas. Since helium gas is a stable inert gas, it can be partially ionized at low temperatures to make plasma, which is cooler than laser energy. The plasma energy effects on targeted tissue leads to unrivaled subdermal skin tightening and tissue rejuvenation, along with a quick recovery. The benefits of subdermal delivery of J-Plasma energy include improved skin elasticity and immediate skin contraction and shrinkage. Tumescent local anesthesia is used to provide a pain-free experience during a J-Plasma treatment.

The J-Plasma® Procedure?

The J-Plasma® procedure is performed in-office, while awake, using only tumescent local anesthesia. Tiny skin incisions with protective skin ports are used to allow the J-Plasma® device to be carefully inserted beneath the skin to deliver cool plasma energy, which instantly tightens, shrinks, and rejuvenates the skin from the inside out. Clinical results are immediate and progressive during the several month healing and rejuvenation time.

Downtime is minimal with return to regular activity within several days. Patients may resume light exercise in 1 week, and heavy exercise in 2-4 weeks. Final results from a J-Plasma® treatment are achieved after 3-6 months.

Candidates for J-Plasma®

A suitable candidate for a J-Plasma® treatment has moderate-to-severe skin laxity involving the lower face, under chin, neck, breasts, or body areas. J-Plasma® treatments are performed at Hogue Cosmetic Surgery by board certified cosmetic laser surgeon, Dr. Hogue, in an office-based surgical setting. An initial complimentary consultation is required to establish a patient’s candidacy for a J-Plasma® treatment. Next, a Pre-Op Evaluation is done, which includes a History and Physical Examination, Lab Work, Prescription for pre-op and post-op medications, and patient review of the J-Plasma® Consent Form.

What to Expect on the J-Plasma® Treatment Day

On the J-Plasma® treatment day, preoperative photos are obtained to document the intended treatment areas. This is followed by the the anesthesia infiltration (numbing) phase of the treatment, where targeted skin laxity areas are injected with tumescent local anesthesia fluid containing dilute lidocaine, epinephrine, and bicarbonate. After a 30-minute waiting period to allow the anesthetic solution to completely numb the targeted treatment areas, the J-Plasma® treatment is performed. Sometimes, J-Plasma® is performed in conjunction with laser liposuction and other skin tightening treatment modalities.

After the J-Plasma® Treatment

After a J-Plasma® procedure, an absorptive dressing and compression garment is worn for about 1 week, sometimes longer. Sutures and sometimes tiny silicone drains are placed during the treatment, then removed after a few days. Bruising can be expected in the treatment area, but pain is generally mild and treated with over-the-counter acetaminophen (Tylenol) or with prescription pain pills.

While immediate subdermal skin tightening improvement may be noticeable during a J-Plasma® treatment, final skin tightening results may take three to six months to be achieved.

Free Consultation

Our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Hogue, consults with each patient to customize a treatment plan specific to their needs, wants, and desired treatment results.