Skin Regeneration

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Skin Regeneration Overview

Skin Regeneration is offered at Hogue Cosmetic Surgery to rejuvenate, revitalize, and regenerate the skin and underlying tissues that have suffered from aging, genetic, and environmental factors. Dr. Hogue, a cosmetic regenerative medicine specialist, uses a combination of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and extracellular matrix (ACell®) to regenerate the skin and underlying tissues while using tumescent local anesthesia to provide a painless experience.


The advantage of Dr. Hogue’s Skin Regeneration Treatment using PRP with ACell® include the following:

Safety: Since PRP is harvested from your own blood, there is minimal to no risk of an adverse reaction; ACell® is a sterile, non-cellular FDA-cleared biologic agent (used Off-Label for Skin Regeneration). The PRP with ACell® treatment is a way to give your skin and tissues a chance to naturally reverse the skin aging, skin laxity, and skin degenerative processes.

Non-Surgical: A skin regeneration treatment using PRP with ACell® involves micro injections, local anesthesia, and a blood draw without any incisions or scars. The treatment takes 90-120 minutes to perform, and is done in a private, office-based setting. No special wound care is needed.

No Down Time: Following a skin regeneration treatment, there will be minimal bleeding and down time due to the rapid healing effects of PRP with ACell®. Mild tissue swelling along with the potential for bruising may occur. A visible skin puncture pattern from repeated insertion of the acupuncture-sized micro needles through the skin will be apparent for several days until skin healing occurs completely.

Good Candidate

A good candidate for a skin regeneration treatment using PRP with ACell® includes the following:

  • Someone with skin aging or degeneration that prefers a less invasive, more natural treatment method to rejuvenate, revitalize and regenerate the skin and underlying tissues.
  • Someone having a minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation procedure such as an erbium laser or RF skin resurfacing procedure with the desire to expedite healing and optimize results by combining them with a skin regeneration treatment.
  • Someone with no history of skin cancer or active skin infection in the desired treatment areas.

Treatment Areas

Common skin regeneration treatment areas for PRP with ACell® include the following, usually done in combination with a thermal skin & tissue tightening procedure performed with a Sciton® erbium laser, Venus® VIVA&reg RF;, or Lutronic® INFINI RF):

  • Face, Under Chin, Neck as part of the Portrait Procedure by Hogue
  • Upper Chest (Decolletage)
  • Female Breasts
  • Dorsum of hands

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