Fat Grafting

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What is an Autologous Fat Grafting Procedure?

An Autologus Fat Grafting procedure is a minimally-invasive treatment that uses tumescent liposuction techniques to harvest fat aspirate, followed by further fat aspirate particle sizing and particle concentration via centrifugation to creat fat aspirate concentrate (FAC) that can be used for injection during an autologous biocellular treatment. Fat grafting procedures containing FAC are indicated for rejuvenation, restoration, and repair of degenerative tissues such as the skin, hair, face, and penis.

To optimize the fat graft survival rate, regenerative medicine specialists at MRM usually combine the FAC treatment with separately injected autologous high-density platelet-rich plasma (HD-PRP).

The Autologus Fat Grafting procedure is surging in popularity as patients seek to find a regenerative medicine specialist in their area with the training, experience and expertise to perform this procedure, which includes proper patient selection, injection of local anesthesia, fat harvesting, fat processing, fat transfer, whole blood collection, whole blood separation into high-density platelet-rich plasma (HD-PRP), visual or image guided injection with fluoroscopy or ultrasound if necessary, and the delicate task of the artist-surgeon’s hands and eyes to expertly deploy the autologous biocellular agents (FAC and HD-PRP) for the specific Autologus Fat Grafting procedure being performed.

During liposuction, the selection of fat aspirate particle sizes can somewhat be predetermined based on the aspiration cannula hole sizes. In general, macro fat particles 2 to 3 mm in diameter are harvested. Using selective luer-to-luer transfer or centrifugation techniques for fat aspirate particle sizing, combined with concentration via centrifugation, fat aspirate particle sizes can be preferentially selected for optimal fat graft survival and size paired with the injection cannula bore size to accommodate a variety of cosmetic and regenerative purposes.

Fat aspirate concentrate (FAC) is the ideal autologous biocellular filler and regenerative agent. One’s fat is completely natural and it doesn’t cause allergic reactions. The clinical applications for autologous fat grafting fat are widespread. Its biocellular cosmetic and regenerative medicine applications include hair restoration, facial rejuvenation, skin and soft-tissue rejuvenation, scar and wound rejuvenation, hand rejuvenation, men’s sexual health issues, including penis girth enhancement, treatment for erectile dysfunction, and pain relief for inflammatory conditions of the penis with notoriously undesirable treatment options such as Peyronie’s disease, where vascular injury, ischemia, and fibrosis occurs.

With advancements in biocellular tissue preparation technology that are used to create fat aspirate concentrate (FAC) such as fat aspirate particle sizing and concentration via centrifugation, the autologous fat grafting procedure is changing the ways that harvested fat can be used for a host of clinical applications. Discover how Dr. Hogue has taken Autologus Fat Grafting to a whole new dimension through innovation and his technical expertise.

Autologus Fat Grafting Procedures Offered at Hogue Clinics

For your convenience, the following Autologus Fat Grafting treatment categories have been established:

Facial Fat Pad volumizing, 3-D shaping, and rejuvenation for a more youthful appearance
Dorsum of hands volumizing and rejuvenation for a more youthful appearance
Breast cleavage volumizing, 3-D shaping, and rejuvenation for a more youthful appearance
Penile girth enhancement for an enlarged appearance with the ManShot

Free Consultation

Our cosmetic surgeon and regenerative medicine specialist consults with each patient to determine if they are a good candidate for an Autologus Fat Grafting procedure based on selection criteria, clinical indication, and degenerative condition.