ALMI Procedure

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What is the ALMI Procedure?

The revolutionary ALMI™ procedure, Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection (ALMI), is an autologous (patient-derived) fat grafting treatment that involves injecting micronized fat isolated from a patient’s adipose tissue for rejuvenation, restoration, and repair of degenerative tissues such as skin, hair, and soft tissue. To optimize the health and survival of the micronized fat graft, regenerative medicine specialists may choose to inject high-density platelet-rich plasma (HD-PRP) obtained from the patient’s whole blood into the fat graft recipient site.

The ALMI procedure is surging in popularity as patients seek to find a regenerative medicine specialist in their area with the training, experience and expertise to perform the specialty techniques required of an ALMI procedure. These specialty techniques include proper patient selection, injection of local anesthesia, fat harvesting, fat processing, fat transfer, whole blood collection, whole blood separation into high-density platelet-rich plasma (HD-PRP), visual or image guided injection with fluoroscopy or ultrasound, and the delicate task of the artist-surgeon’s hands and eyes to expertly deploy the biocellular micronized fat and HD-PRP for the specific ALMI procedure being performed.

With the advent of the fat micronizing process, distinct fat particle sizes, distinct from the fat particle size obtained from the harvesting lipocannula, can be made using selective luer-to-luer transfer orifice sizes combined with centrifugation. Micronized fat can be injected through an assortment of cannula orifice sizes and for a variety of aesthetic and regenerative purposes. Depending on the maximum fat particle size selected or desired for suitable injection into the recipient site, various micronizing filters are available for fat processing that range from the initial harvest cannula to an assortment of available luer-to-luer transfer filters sizes of 2.4mm, 2.4mm, 1.2mm, 0.6, and 0.4mm.

Micronized fat is arguably the ideal biocellular filler and regenerative agent. The clinical applications of micronized fat are widespread. Its biocellular aesthetic and regenerative medicine applications include hair restoration, facial rejuvenation, skin rejuvenation, hand rejuvenation, sexual rejuvenation, treatment for erectile dysfunction, and pain relief for inflammatory conditions with notoriously undesirable treatment options such as Peyronie’s disease where vascular injury, ischemia, and fibrosis occurs.

With advancements in biocellular tissue preparation technology that are used to create micronized fat, the ALMI procedure is changing the ways in which autologous fat can be used for a host of clinical applications. The ALMI procedure is literally changing lives! Discover the “All Me, All Natural” rejuvenation procedure simply called “ALMI” including what it can do for you.

ALMI Procedures We Offer

For your convenience, the following ALMI procedure categories have been established:

ALMI HAIR (Hair Restoration)
ALMI FACE (Facial Rejuvenation)
ALMI HANDS (Hand Rejuvenation)
ALMI MANShot (Men’s Sexual Wellness)

Free Consultation

Our cosmetic surgeon and regenerative medicine specialist consults with each patient to determine if they are a good candidate for an ALMI procedure based on selection criteria, clinical indication, and degenerative condition.