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P-SHOT™ for Mens Sexual Health and Male Enhancement

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments are commonly used for a variety of conditions, including Men’s Sexual Health conditions such as erectile dysfunction, and a desire to have harder, firmer, and larger erections. The process involves harvesting blood from the individual, then isolating and concentrating its plasma portion into platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The objective is to create […]

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Relieving Chronic Pain with Regenerative Cell Therapy

Stem Cell with protein cluster

Regenerative cell therapy is one of the latest advances in pain management and bio-cellular treatments. It addresses various painful orthopedic condition. It involves harvesting your own body’s surplus fluid and tissue such as blood and fat to relieve pain and inflammation while promoting natural healing. Regenerative cell therapy is minimally-invasive and does not require joint […]

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Are You Getting the Best PRP Treatment Available?

woman holding her chin

PRP has become an increasingly popular treatment in the aesthetics and cosmetic beauty arena. PRP is concentrated blood plasma with a high platelet concentration that yields regenerative benefits when deployed within tissue. PRP is beneficial in its regenerative capability for reducing inflammation and promoting tissue regeneration. Because of its high concentration of growth factors, proteins, […]

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How Women and Men Experience Hair Loss Differently

woman suffering from hair loss

When you hear the words hair loss, you likely envision an older man that is balding. Yet, scalp hair loss is a condition that impacts both genders. According to the Hair Society, 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss. While it’s common to lose anywhere from 50 to 150 hair strands […]

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Why Choose Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting)

fat syringes for fat grafting or fat transfer procedure

As we age, our face loses some of its 3-dimensional volume, which can result in a deflated appearance, which affects our temples, brows, eyes, nose, cheeks, jawline, and mouth area. A loss of facial fat causes drooping and sagging along with noticeable wrinkles and skin folds. While aging is a natural part of life, there […]

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Woman laying on stomach, feet in the air, smiling

Hogue Clinics Hogue Vein Institute 763-447-2500 / info@drhogue.com You are considering a cosmetic vein treatment and you are wondering how safe it is? That is an important question? Of course, you want to choose a cosmetic vein treatment that works, that is safe for you, and that is most appropriate […]

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Forever Young BBL Treatment at HCS MedSpa

Photo of female face

Hogue Clinics HCS MedSpa 763-447-2500 / info@drhogue.com Our Forever Young BBL treatment at HCS MedSpa is amazingly effective in treating conditions associated with aging and sun damage. BBL, which stands for broadband light, uses powerful light energy to treat aging skin, sun damage, skin blemishes, fine wrinkles, and surface skin […]

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