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by Hogue, Roger

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You are considering a cosmetic vein treatment and you are wondering how safe it is? That is an important question? Of course, you want to choose a cosmetic vein treatment that works, that is safe for you, and that is most appropriate for your specific vein condition.

So, here are three ways to optimize your safety before having a cosmetic vein treatment.

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One important safety issue determinant is your selection of where to receive treatment. You will probably be the safest when having a cosmetic vein treatment performed by a vein specialist with proper training, experience, expertise, and credentials. Choose wisely, since this is an important way to optimize your safety.

Another safety issue determinant is the chosen treatment modality for your cosmetic vein treatment. It is best to choose the least invasive, most appropriate treatment modality with the safest safety profile to achieve the desired results. With respect to a cosmetic vein treatment, available treatment modalities include laser ablation, injection sclerotherapy, or surgical removal. Have a discussion with your vein specialist to select the best treatment option for your specific cosmetic vein concern, including potential side effects and treatment alternatives.

Cosmetic vein treatmentA third safety issue determinant is to choose a vein specialist that will correctly diagnose your cosmetic vein condition as well as determine if any underlying medical vein conditions exist. For example, if you have a cosmetic vein concern regarding spider veins on your legs, but you also have refluxing varicose veins or a blood clotting condition that has not been diagnosed or treated, then your safety issues are heightened. In this example, an experienced vein specialist will identify the need to first address the medical vein condition before attempting to fix or treat the spider vein cosmetic concern. The safety and effectiveness of a cosmetic vein treatment rely on proper evaluation, accurate diagnosis, and identification of any underlying medical vein conditions.

Since 2004, Hogue Vein Institute has established itself as the Regional Leader in Vein Care for Minnesota. Our expertise as a professional vein treatment center includes treatment of medical vein conditions such as varicose veins, venous stasis ulcers, incompetent perforator veins, as well as treatment of cosmetic vein concerns. Our cosmetic vein treatments include spider veins and unwanted surface veins (blue, red, or blush) involving the legs, face, and body.


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